Welcome to the UW Survey Science Group

The Survey Science Group (SSG) at the University of Washington is comprised of a group of astrophysicists with a broad range of survey science experience and research interests. Our current group consists of four faculty, five postdocs, nine graduate students and twelve undergraduate students. We work on Near Earth Objects, Supernovae, Large Scale Structure, Cosmology , Galactic Structure, and Variables and Transients. One of our primary focuses is the scientific development of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) as well as developing simulations, and data management software for analyzing the data expected from this digital map of the sky. For tools and information related to simulations and science expected from LSST check out the UW LSST pages. With data volumes exceeding six Petabytes per year there are many exciting scientific challenges that we will need to address over the coming years.