Astro-Viz Workshop June 4-5 2011

Saturday June 4th 2011
9.00am 9.30am Jonathan Fay (Microsoft) "Building the World Wide Telescope"
9.30am 10.00am Luis Calcada (ESO) "Visualizing Extra-Solar planetary systems"
10.00am 10.30am Mark Subbarao (Adler/Univ of Chicago) "Dissecting Virgo"
10.30am 11.00am Coffee
11.00am 11.30am Marcus Lehto (Creative Director Bungie) "The role of skies in Halo"
11:30am 11.45am Halo in the Dome
11.45am 12.15am Nick Risinger "The Photopic Sky Survey"
12.15am 1.30pm Lunch
1.30pm 2.00pm Bill Howe (University of Washington) "VizDeck: Visualization Dashboards"
2.00pm 2.30pm Diego Marcos (University of Washington) "ASCOT: interactive visualization"
2.30pm 3.00pm Tony Butterfield (Houston Museum of Natural Science) 'Production of 2012 Mayan Prophesies"
3.00pm 3.30pm Coffee
3.30pm 4.00pm Doug Roberts (Adler Planetarium) Merging Science with Art for the Dome
4.00pm 4.30pm Robert Hurt (Spitzer Science Center) Is it Art or is it Science
4.30pm 4.45pm J. DePasquale (Harvard/CfA) "WWT Ambassadors: WWT for Interactive Learning"
4.50pm 5.20pm Jake vanderPlas (University of Washington) "Building a planetarium for the masses"
5.20pm 6.30pm building tours in the dome and exploring the dome
7.00pm bus to dinner
Sunday June 5th 2011
9.00am 9.30am Tom Quinn (University of Washington) "Interactive visualization of massive data sets"
9.30am 10.00am Ralf Kaehler (KIPAC/SLAC) Real-Time Rendering of Large-Scale Astrophysical Simulation Data
10.00am 10.30am Tom Kennedy (Cal Academy) "Turning Back the Clock on Mars"
10.30 11am Coffee
11.00am 11.30am TBD Technology advances in graphics
11.30am 12.00pm Tim Florian Horn (Cal Academy) "Earth Update"
12.000m 12.30pm Nina McCurdy (UCSC) "Visualizations of cosmological simulations for public outreach"
12.30pm 1.30pm Lunch
1.30pm 2.00pm Robert Hurt (Spitzer Science Center) "Astropix: Serving Images with a Side of Metadata"
2.00pm 2.15pm J. DePasquale, E. Bressert, T. Robitaille (Harvard/CfA) "Have some AVM with your APLpy! "
2.15pm 2.45pm Mark Subbarao (Adler Planetarium/Univ Chicago) "Great Observatories"
2.45pm 3.00pm Amit Kapadia (CfA) "PinpointWCS: Software for Outreach Astronomy"
3.00pm 3.30pm Deborah Levine (Caltech) and Suzanne Jacoby (LSST) "What do we need for the LSST"
3.30pm 4.00pm Discussion - where should visualization be going in the next few years

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