Astro-Viz Workshop June 4-5 2011

This workshop is dedicated to astronomy visualization. We invite participants who span a broad range of interests and expertise, including, visualization and graphics experts, illustrators and animators, planetarium developers and technical media. Our goal for this workshop is an active discussion on the development of visualization for use in research and education.

The workshop will be held at the University of Washington's new digital planetarium.

Please send talk abstracts and titles to Andrew Connolly

Areas of discussion will include
  • Open discussion of visualization in astrophysics ranging from interactivity to high-dimensional data
    • Volume and point rendering
    • Interaction with massive data sets
    • Scalable and interactive visualization
  • Outreach and visualization
    • Planetariums/museums
    • Dome visualization
    • Connection between the dome and the classroom
  • Content creation
    • The role of the observatories
    • Generating full dome content
    • Standards and sharing

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