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2011Paper, AlSayyad, Y., Krughoff, S., Howe, B., Connolly, A., Balazinska, M., Jones, L. Towards Efficient and Precise Queries Over Ten Million Asteroid Trajectory Models, submitted to Scientific and Statistical Database Management (SSDBM).

Mar 2011Paper — Wiley, K., Connolly, A., Gardner, J., Krughoff, S., Balazinska, M., Howe, B., Kwon, Y., Bu, Y., Astronomy in the Cloud: Using MapReduce for Image Co-Addition, Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (PASP), Vol. 123, No. 901, pp. 366-380, University of Chicago Press, Mar 2011.

Jan 2011Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, 217th AAS

Nov 2010Presentations — Wiley, K., Connolly, A., Gardner, J., Krughoff, S., Balazinska, M., Howe, B., Kwon, Y., Bu, Y., Astronomical Image Processing with Hadoop, to appear in ADASS XX, ASP conf. series, Editors Evans, I., Accomazzi, A., Mink, D., and Rots, A., ASP, San Francisco, 2011.

Jul 2010PaperThree-Point Correlation Functions of SDSS Galaxies: Luminosity and Color Dependence in Redshift and Projected Space, Cameron K. McBride, Andrew J. Connolly, Jeffrey P. Gardner, Ryan Scranton, Jeffrey A. Newman, Roman Scoccimarro, Idit Zehavi, Donald P. Schneider, The Astrophysical Journal (ApJ), Jul 2010.

Jul 2010PaperSimulating the LSST, Connolly, A.J., Peterson, J., Jernigan, J.G., and 20 colleagues, Proc. SPIE, Modeling, Systems Engineering, and Project Management for Astronomy IV, Vol. 7738, 77381O, 2010.

Oct 2010Presentation — Keith Wiley (via video conference), IBM Fall Analytics Series Seminar, The Analytical Processing Revolution — Beyond OLAP with New Advances Based on Hadoop

Oct 2010WebpageUW eScience Institute website

Jul 2010Presentation — Keith Wiley, Seattle Hadoop User's Group

Jun 2010Presentation — Keith Wiley, Yahoo Hadoop Summit

Nov 2009Book — LSST Science Collaborations and project members, the LSST Science Book

UW CluE in the Press

The initial results of this project were described in The New York Times in two articles on Cloud Computing and its impact on Astronomy