eScience at UW

Google Sky

In 2006 Simon Krughoff and Andy Connolly worked with Google on creating Google Sky (aka Sky in Google Earth). Sky provides seamless access to astronomical images taken from a wide range of telescopes (from the Hubble Space Telescope to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Digitized Sky Surveys). It enables users to pan and zoom around the sky, find interesting astronomical objects and customize your own view of the universe. Sky was released in August 2007 and within the first few days had been tried by millions of users. At UW we maintain an interest in using these visualization tools in research and education. A range of add-ons that have been created at UW for Google Sky can be found here or you can check out the movie that combines the image simulations for LSST with Google Sky.

Zoom into a simulated image embedded in the SDSS imagery (using Google Sky). Download animation [24 MB MPEG4]

Virtual Observatories

How we work with the next generation of astronomical data sets that can be distributed across the globe is an area of great interest to our group. We have generated a number of tools for using webservices to analyze data such as an automated detection and cross matching service for images WESIX . Simon Krughoff has been a regular faculty member at the National Virtual Observatoty (NVO) Summer Schools. Links to some useful presentations from the summer schools can be found below.

NVO SS 2005

Official 2005 Site.
Talk 1: Introduction to XML.
Talk 2: Introduction to Java Libraries for Use with the VO.
Talk 3: Correlation Services and Science in the VO.

NVO SS 2006

Official 2006 Site.

NVO SS 2008

Official 2008 Site - Coming soon!.
Talk 1: Avdanced SQL.
Talk 2: Building a Layer for Google Sky .
Talk 3: Calling Web Services: RESTfully and SOAPfully.