Meet the UW SSG People!

The Survey Science Group at UW is currently comprised of four faculty, five post-docs, and a large number of graduate and undergraduate students. The sidebar links take you to each faculty and postdoc's SSG site where you'll find descriptions of their research interests and their involvment in survey science and outreach at the UW.

Student Research Highlights

Asteroids in the SDSS

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) has imaged the same patches of sky multiple times to search for supernovae. These images are also very useful to detect inner solar system objects: since they are so close to us and moving, they appear in different locations in each image. The red, green, and blue tracks in this image show the motion of an asteroid. Image courtesy the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Pre-MAP students Amy, Amber, Kenza, Katryn and A.J. used the SDSS Supernova Survey difference imaging database to search for inner solar system objects. They examined objects automatically and manually to classify them as moving objects. Their research plan had three primary goals : search for comets in the data; accurately measure the colors and extend the orbits of known asteroids in the data; and extend the orbital completeness by nearly 2 magnitudes by "linking" multiple instances of unknown objects into new orbits.

Current Students

We have a lot of graduate and undergraduate student involvement in the various research efforts of SSG members. You can check out the Graduate and Undergrad SSG Pages for more information on these students and their research projects.

Undergrads: Michael Berry, Darrell Bird, Keira Brooks, Michael Hayden, Travis Jewel, Martin Kronberg, Rosalie McGurk, Dylan Morgan, Tanner Nakagawara, Richard Rodruck, Nicholas Ule, and Brian Wold.

Grads: Vaishali Bhardwaj, Alex Fry, Amy Kimball, Adam Kowalski, Sarah Loebman, Chelsea MacLeod, Branimir Sesar, Mike Solontoi, and Jake Vanderplas.

Interested in the Survey Science Group?

Want to get involved in Survey Science at the UW? Contact Andrew Connolly at ajc@astro for more information.